News Release


On Kyorin Corporate Branding and the establishment of a New Corporate Mark & Logotype

March 10, 2006

Kyorin group transited to a Holding-Company Structure through a share exchange between Kyorin Co., Ltd. and Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Today, March 10, 2006. In accordance with this change, we decided to promote our corporate brand management and we regenerated the corporate mark & logotype.

The Kyorin group changing to a holding company structure. Further, by reorganizing the group's units, the Kyorin group will build a system of management that will be able to make the "distinguished and integrated healthcare company" a reality, positioning itself solidly as a global drug creator. The Kyorin group will seek to boost the competitiveness of its pharmaceutical business and aim to develop novel businesses and to strengthen its business foundation.

In order to actualize these strategies, we intend to unify the understanding of group members and move forward with Kyorin corporate branding to reform the member consciousness and performance. The Kyorin corporate brand we established prescribes a "society with a smile" that Kyorin brand promises to promote and the values and action guidelines that they provide for steak holders such as healthcare professionals stock holders, customers and employees to promote the corporate philosophy. The corporate trademark & logo are also based on these ideas, and will be used for our name cards, company signs and printed materials.

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