News Release


Business start of US-based corporation, Kyorin USA, Inc

April 16, 2001

Kyorin Pharmaceutical (President Ikuo Ogihara) is announcing the start of business of its base for business development in the United States, Kyorin USA, Inc., a 100% owned entity based in New Jersey (April 16, 2001 local time).

The purpose of Kyorin USA, Inc. is to accelerate our business growth mainly in the US market by licensing Kyorin drugs into the growing US market and by obtaining the license for new other maker's drugs into Japan.

The company will be involved in the evaluation of other company technology, alliances and licensing research and analysis, and negotiations, in addition to conducting US-based trials for our drugs. We will also strengthen our industry information gathering ability through contact with university and R&D facilities that produce seed drugs, and observing R&D trends in pharmaceuticals and new drug development.

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