News Release


Mid-Term Business Plan - Kyorin MIC-05 Plan

May 22, 2001

Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd . (President Ikuo Ogihara) is announcing its Mid-Term Business Plan: Kyorin MIC-05.

The poor economic environment and the aging population are causing tremendous change in the supply dynamics of the medical industry, reflected by the revision of the National Health Care system and the launch of insurance for day-care services.

The pharmaceutical companies face a rough road with a reduction in medical and drug expenses and rising costs for drug R&D.

Kyorin continually seeks to increase corporate value by delivering new drugs that contribute to health worldwide. There is no other way to succeed in the 21st Century.

To ensure this future, management sees it necessary to evolve to a new stage embodying a spirit of R&D which creates globally unique drugs in our franchise (expert) business areas. The Kyorin MIC-05 Plan is a specific outline of this vision.

Our entire organization is focused on the goals of the Kyorin MIC-05 Plan and we hope for your continued support.

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